Our company, which provides special ambulance service, offers you Istanbul Airport Special Ambulance Service. Our company provides you with fully equipped emergency ambulances and patient transport ambulances and patient transport support. We are with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in the ambulance needs of your bedridden patients coming from Turkey and abroad. Istanbul Airport Private Ambulance

Does your patient come from abroad by air? Do you need ambulance service? Then you can immediately reach our call center at 0212 438 81 25 and get professional service. Istanbul Airport Private Ambulance

Istanbul is a city that receives immigration from every country in the world in health tourism. Post-airport transfers of patients from all over the world are considered a problem in all people’s minds. Just in those hard times, our company provides you with ambulance support. Turkey across all of your patients transferred from abroad by our company provides. With our ambulances in our company, we provide your transfer to the hospital or home by meeting your patient at the airport. All of our emergency aid and patient transport ambulances within our company are in compliance with TSE EN 1979 standards and T.C. It is licensed by the Ministry of Health.



"An Ambulance" is a GROUP of COMPANIES. A COMPANIES GROUP was established in 1999. We provide services in various fields such as occupational health safety, first aid training center, Laboratory. In 2018, we added the Special Ambulance Service to our service network and offered the local and intercity ambulance service to you.

As your solution partner in urban and intercity patient transportation and all kinds of organizations; We serve you with our experienced teams of emergency medical technicians, paramedics and drivers. Our ambulances are designed in a way that our patients can be comfortable with our 20 years of experience in order to make our ambulances fit for purpose. Our ambulances T.C. The Ministry of Health was prepared in accordance with the standards published in the official newspaper numbered 24456 and licensed by the Ministry. Our ambulances, which have a technological infrastructure, are provided with the call system, our specially trained personnel, registration system, address finding system and vehicle tracking system, and provide transportation to the patient on time, intervention and transportation to the patient.

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